Public Shows

Ticket Link

10/21/23 – Louisville, KY – Opening for Beth Stelling (2 shows) – Ticket Link

10/26/23 – Florence, SC – Local Motive Brewing – Ticket Link

10/27/23 – Asheville, NC – Catawba Brewing – Ticket Link

11/5/23 – Raleigh, NC – Headlining Neptunes Comedy – Ticket Link

11/8/23 – Birmingham, AL – Avondale Brewing – Ticket Link

11/10/23 – Atlanta, GA – Public House Show – Ticket Link

11/18/23 – New Orleans, LA – Sports Drink – Ticket Link


It’s official! I am once again doing a nationwide house show tour (plus Canada too). A truly one of a kind comedy experience. It’s the only comedy show that comes to you! You get to invite all your friends, family, and loved ones and have a show at your very own house, or backyard, or garage. What’s better than that?!

The responses to these shows has been amazing. Here are some of my favorites:

“Zak was so good at working the crowd and performing his craft that it felt like my dining room was a comedy club for an hour and a half. I can’t recommend it enough. If he’s coming to a state where you live, I’d book him” – Chere (Austin, TX)

“You blew away all my expectations. It was insanely cool and unique. I will remember this for the rest of my life” – Jennifer (Champaign, IL)

“My phone has been blowing up all day with friends talking about how fun it was.” – Christina (Long Island, NY)

“This was the coolest comedy show I have ever seen. Zak somehow made the space seem smaller, while making the “venue” seem grander.  This both felt like a headliner at the top of his game in a club, but then also just a friend telling jokes at a party, and he really brought the party.  Imagine seeing one of your favortie musicians do an “Unplugged” show, and that’s what Zak’s show is like.  It’s intimate and stripped down to the point that the jokes and comic are really all there is, and his very generous set shone through.  Zak has a great ability to adapt to the space and people, doing a lot of back and forth between his material, and some more ‘improvised and in-between’ moments, and the result was a tailored and customized show – no one else will ever get the see the set he peformed in my back yard (and basement – it rained and he totally rolled with the punches). Ultimately, this was a memorable, hilarious, and one of a kind experience from a comedian who is a master of his craft.” – Jon (Littleton, CO)